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Righty Red and Lefty Blue Bracelets and Foot Wraps

The Righty Red and Lefty Blue Bracelets and Footwraps are a great teaching tool for our tiny tots, pre-ballet and k-1 dance students. Learning right from left for the small child is sometimes difficult and frustrating for the students and the teacher. The set of two bracelets and two foot wraps is an important requirement for our dance classes at the MKOD home studio. The bracelets and footwraps are part of the uniform for students and we charge a fee for the set at the beginning of the year. We require our students to come to class with their red & blue ensemble to make class time go smoothly for the dancers and the teacher. Parents and students have been incredibly responsive to this new system! The footwraps are worn on the outside of the ballet shoe unless it is a combined ballet/tap combination class. In that case, the footwrap is worn on the foot before you put on your dance shoes. That way the wrap stays in places for both subjects.

Each set comes with a Righty Red and Lefty Blue bracelet adorned with princess crowns and a Righty Red and Lefty Blue foot wrap. Save $2 per set by purchasing a dozen.

Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

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