The Magical Kingdom of Dance

The Alphamat Roll of 7

This colorful educational mat perfectly complements Twinkletoes and the Magical Kingdom of Dance book and helps little ballerinas learn foot placement and arm positions in a fun, effective way. Illustrated characters made familiar by the book are drawn in one of the eight circles that both tell a story and explain the movements of dance. The Alphamat is a wonderful educational tool for teachers and instructors to use as a curriculum base with the book. 

The Alphamat is utilized to develop the preschooler and young beginner mentally and physically. It encourages physical activity, develops muscular skills, coordination, encourages and stimulates imagination, also provides for dramatic play. The mental process developed through use of the Alphamat will prove to be a valuable asset all through life. 

Alphamats are a wonderful gift to give dance teachers, students, parents and grandparents for studio use or fun at home. Our Instructional Manual & DVD will give you the tools you need to get started using the Alphamat! The possibilities are endless.

Mats can last for years and years if taken care off.

Mats can be purchased in single 52"x52" pieces or as rolls of 2 - 8. 

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